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WP1 Coordination


Congolobe is a large project gathering 12 different research groups split in 4 research work packages which actions need to be coordinated. Therefore a structure was adopted by the Congolobe group in which a steering comity constituted C. Rabouille, F. Baudin and K. Olu (one member per main partner) will lead the programme. The steering comity will take major decisions at the majority concerning the strategy of the programme, the changes in the different tasks, the planning and the delays in the deliverables. The steering comity meets by phone or video conference on a monthly basis to achieve effective coordination of the programme. The steering comity is assisted by the scientific comity constituted by the 5 task leaders who concentrate on the interactions between tasks; they also provide advices regarding the changes in the scientific programme, its execution to increase interaction, or the proposition of actions for dissemination and public outreach.

The general assembly of the partners gathers once a year during the annual meetings and is able to submit proposition of changes in the scientific content, in the planning and in the work programme. These changes are then discussed by the steering comity and a decision is taken by this comity concerning the proposed changes.

The scientific management of the project will be made by task, as each task gathers scientists from a single discipline. These tasks are multi partners and interact scientifically during the annual meetings and specific workshops (post-cruise or topic-oriented) by task or intertask.


Organisation Congolobe

The data management/dissemination cell promotes thorough data sharing, web visibility of the programme, active participation to international conferences. This data management/dissemination cell also sets the publication plan, organize and perform public outreach (school contact, open doors, science festival).

General meetings of the programme are organized 5 times during the programme. At the start of the programme, a kick-off meeting was held in Brest in October 2012 together with the first year annual meeting. The second year annual meeting was held in Gif in October 2013 coupled to the Congolobe Autumn School. In 2014, the annual meeting will be organized in Paris. The final meeting in 2015 will be located in Brest with larger scope presentations. These annual meetings are major coordination actions as they are the moment of Steering comity meetings, the general assembly and scientific comity meetings.


Coordinator : C. Rabouille

Steering Comity/Executive Comity: F. Baudin, K. Olu, C. Rabouille

Scientific Comity: F. Baudin, B. Dennielou, A. Khripounoff, K. Olu, C. Rabouille

General Assembly : all